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Dishwasher Neutral+

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Dishwasher Neutral+

USE: Neutral concentrated dishwasher for hand washing. Effectively removes fat and dried food waste even in cool water. Suitable for daily cleaning of all water-tolerant surfaces.

CHARACTERISTICS: Rich in biodegradable surfactants that effectively remove fats and other dirt even with cool water. Gives glassware and food dishes a shiny gloss. Does not contain flavouring and dye. Does not dry the skin.

PACK: 480 ml plastic canister

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: 0,4 ml (less lubricated containers) and 1 ml (dirty dishes) detergent for 1 l of water. For daily cleaning: add 0.5 ml of detergent to 1l of warm water. Apply the working solution to the surface, let it act. Rinse. For cleaning very black surfaces (for example, an oven pot), concentrate can be used.

For washing less lubricated dishes, you can get 1 ton of detergent solution from one bottle!

COMPOSITION: anionic surfactants 5-15%, non-ionic surfactants <5%, amphoteeric surfactants <5%, preservative (2-phenoxyethanol). PH 7,0 of the solution for use.

PACKAGING & ENVIRONMENT: The package is of pyethylene. The cleaned packaging is recyclable. Transport packaging is recyclable corrugated cardboard and polyethylene film.



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