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Pipe cleaner

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Pipe cleaner to open up congestion in the drainage system

AREA OF USE: Granular means for preventing and opening sewerage jar ( including opening frozen pipes). The product is also suitable for use in the food industry.
FEATURES: Effectively breaks down hair, animal hair, fat, soap and food waste. Eliminates an unpleasant smell from sewer systems. Disinfecting effect.
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Shake 50g (5 corkscrews) of the remedy with hot water alternately into the drainage system. Allow to act for 5-15 minutes, then rinse with plenty of hot water. In case of blockage of the toilet, pour 0.5-1 bottle of the substance directly into the pot, let it act for 15-30 min. Repeat the operation if necessary. Do not use other chemicals or other impurities at the same time. Avoid contact of the product on aluminum surfaces.
PRECAUTIONS: Causes severe corrosion. Avoid contact with the eye, skin,
Clothing. Wear appropriate protective gloves . Wash immediately with plenty of water when applied to the skin. In case of contact with the eye, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.
PACKAGING & ENVIRONMENT: Polyethylene empty and rinsed packaging is recyclable.
It is safe for plastic and metal piping !

EAN: 4744789010015


Safety data sheet

Krauss Pipe cleaner Safety data sheet

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